Some of the equipment that we fabricate and use them in the management of cerebral palsy are discussed below.


A supine stabilizer is a leg support equipment that is designed to help an individual to keep a neutral ,supine position for long time. People who finds it hard to move at any age and for any reason often spends long period of time in one position over time and these positions can become habitual and lead to change in their body shape which normally leads to secondary complications such as respiratory difficulties ,digestive difficulties and musculoskeletal problems.

Night time positioning is one of the most effective therapies available with movement. Increased base of support encourages good position throughout the night. Supine stabilizer comes in four different sizes which are small, medium, large and extra large. We use this equipment aiming at eradicating and preventing secondary complication associated with body shape distortion.



Benefits of supine stabilizer.

  1. correction of simple abnormal spine curvatures.
  2. works on internally and externally rotated hips to prevent hip dislocation.
  3. prevent wind swiping to the right or left.
  4. blocks some retained reflexes (abnormal reflexes e.g. asymmetric tonic neck reflex at 6months >)
  5. Easen the tension of the hip abductors hence become easy for a child to abduct.
  6. Reduces spasticity.

NB; Therapeutic positioning requires a comprehensive  understanding from everyone involved if its to be implemented successfully.

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