Complications of Cerebral Palsy


  1. contracture _ This comes along as a result of muscle tissue shortening due to severe muscle tightening that can be due to spasticity. Contracture can inhibit bone growth resulting in joint deformities ,complete dislocation or partial such as hip dislocation. It can also lead to abnormal curvature of the spine  and other orthopaedic deformities.
  2. Malnutrition _ Due to swallowing disorders( feeding problems) that is experienced by someone who has C.P, it becomes very difficult to get enough nutrients particularly for an infant. This can impair growth and weaken bones .Some children and adults may need a feeding tube to get enough nutrition.
  3. Osteoporosis _ Someone with C.P is prone to fractures due to low bone density which comes as a results of several factors contributing to it such as lack of mobility, inadequate nutrition and anti-epileptic drug use.
  4. Heart and long diseases_ People with C.P may develop heart disease and breathing disorders .Due to the swallowing problems that comes with cerebral palsy, it can lead to respiratory problems such as aspiration pneumonia and recurrent chest infections.
  5. Osteoathritis _ Pressure at joints or abnormal alignment of joint from muscle spasticity may lead to the early onset of these painful degenerative bone disease.
  6. Other complications _ These include sleeping disorders, chronic pain, skin breakdown, intestinal problems and issue with oral health.
N.B; Most of these complications are preventable with early intervention and proper management.
-Most recurrent chest infections in children with cerebral palsy is as a result of swallowing disorder through which with proper intervention from specific specialist can be avoided.
-By these children(cerebral palsy children) holding food in their mouth for a long time due to swallowing disorder can lead to dental problems and infections and therefore oral hygiene is very important in the care routine

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