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Established in 2010, our innovative workshop has been making chairs and standing frames for persons with disability made simply from recycled cardboard. This makes them ultra low in cost and affordable to all. By mid 2019, over 2,000 items have now been custom designed and fabricated on site.


The equipment is individually designed by the therapy team at the Sanctuary, to meet the individual postural needs of each recipient. They are designed to keep the child in a good position and alignment, either in lying, sitting or standing, Adaptive setaing prevents development of contractures and deformity, it enhances feeding, swallowing, digestion, and having a stable base of supports promotes function such as use of hands and trunk and head movement. It reduces fatigue and enhances cardiovascular and respiratory function, also manages pressure well. Most importantly, keeping a person upright and at eye level with others enhances the social interaction and engagement in community life.  


Standing frames are used to help children training in standing by offerining supported reclined standing. This enhances the strength of the trunk and lower limbs and enhances bone growth and development.


Assessment and measurement for chairs is done on any open clinic day. Feel free to come during office hours. We ask for a small donation of 2,000 kes per item recieved.

































































We are delighted to be prioneering custom contoured seating in East Africa. For a person with complex positioning needs, we offer a service where we cast the individual in their ideal position, determined by our experienced therapists. From that, we fabricate a unit to that particular shape using our innovative low cost technology.The units can fit either into a carboard base or a wheelchair.




We are thirlled to be partnering to Walkabout Foundation UK, who generously donate wheelchairs from their wheelchair assembly line in Nanyuki, to the Sanctuary. If you require a wheelchair or a custom contoured seat, please come and visit us.