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By Jolene Allen, Feb 11 2018 08:00AM

Our team have had a brilliant first day with Gareth from AAT GB who has very kindly flown out and volunteered with us for this week. He is an experienced complex seating technician and together, we hope to develop our methods for achieving moulded seating with local & economical solutions. So much to get through this week but we are hopeful!

By Jolene Allen, Jan 28 2017 04:00AM

There has been so much to be thankful for since our return to Kenya.. So many people gave generously to both the ministry and our family while in Northern Ireland during our time there, Whitewellers, family, friends, Clogher Valley Free P. We were donated a game console that helps children develop coordination and self awareness from the UK, arrived to see a humongous cinema TV had been donated by a kind gentleman (perfect match!).. A game changer for therapy sessions with our ADHD/ Autisim kids and more able bodied CPs!

Over Christmas we had Friends of Hope and Safaricom bless the children with gifts. This year we've had donations of food, supplies, materials from so many of our Sanctuary friends, even new bed sheets from a young man who got us our guard dog. Yesterday, Naivas Supermarket came with 20 staff with a Truck load of supplies. We have also been offered wheelchairs from UDPL Nanyuki. We are so thankful, and so grateful, and humbled by everyone's genuine concern and sacrifice for the children of the Sanctuary. Proverbs 21:26 – "The righteous gives and does not hold back." Jolene x

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