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By Jolene Allen, Oct 10 2018 06:49PM

Ho-Ho-How can it be that time of year again.. yes Christmas deliveries! If you are interested in selling or buying our amazing Sanctuary Artists Christmas gifts and cards, get in touch!

By Jolene Allen, Aug 29 2016 07:00AM

We are excited that this years Christmas product line of cards and tree hangings, has been shipped to retailers in the UK and USA already (yeah its early but not for retailers makign orders its not!) and we are just prepping our Kenya market items. The Sanctuary Artist paper products made on site by mothers of children with disability are made and sold in order to generate income to sustain our chair making project. Why not get your cards and decorations with us this year? This year has a bit of an ethnic touch to it.. soo cute! I will be annoucing how to buy them as we get closer to the festive season!

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