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By Jolene Allen, Sep 30 2017 01:00AM

Do you like these new designs? We have a 2 in 1 stander and seat in one.. and a lovely new Wobbler seat that provides sensory feedback to childrem with sensoery processing disorders such as ADHD and Autism.

By Jolene Allen, Jul 31 2017 11:00PM

At the workshop we are alwasy progressing on new ideas and designs for our disability equipment. Here are some of our recent new designs:

Meet our space saving standing frame and chair in one. Still in trial (and error !) stages.. It's ideal for our clients who live in small homes. It has a removable footplate and ramped seat and lateral supports.

We have a new floor sitter which facilitates sitting with minimal support in the floor, with knees in extension. Also new tray for wheelchairs, as developed by a recent volunteer, Michael. A wobbling/ rocker floor sitter is underway for children with autism and attention defecit disorders. Few more to come, watch this space!

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