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By Jolene Allen, Feb 17 2018 08:57AM

This is a week where our equipment prescribing & design team have been challenged, encouraged and guided more than ever. Gareth, an experienced equipment technician from England, just saw a video of ours and wanted to help. He didnt know me at all. He took unpaid leave and made his way here to us to help us in that area.

As he left today I couldn't even find the words into appreciate his input. With his guidance, I see a huge potential for us to continue to push the boundaries of our cardboard equipment further to create even more comfortable, supportive & functional positioning equipment for very special children and adults. So many ideas have been discussed and so much development made in a few days.

Every now and again, someone somewhere goes and does above and beyond what anyone else would do. It can only be God. Am grateful.

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

– Winston Churchill

By Jolene Allen, Mar 6 2017 07:09PM

At Sanctuary Artists we are always working on improving our designs. We have started research on using a fibreglass component for our 3d moulded chairs for our children with very special postural needs. These are children who need chairs made to their unique shape to hold them in an optimum position.

We are happy that the first trial has gone well, and little Elijah has a much improved seating posture on his first fitting.. now we just need to design a multi-recline base for it!

Watch this space.. J

By Jolene Allen, Sep 3 2016 07:28PM

Well our technique for three dimensional formed seating has moved into our first wheelchair inset seat now! The technique we are using to make such items, is by positioning the client well, on a bag filled with polystyrene balls. We then, by vacuum, remove all the air, to get a fixed form of the client, that holds them in that ideal position. From that we then fabricate a moulded seat to that shape.

David finds it very tricky to keep his head upright and has trunk instability. Andrew our orthopaedic technician, together with his colleague, Moses (who was volunteering with us while on leve from Saudi Arabia) and out OT crew, managed to get the cast and form the mould for Davids wheelchair - and we are so happy with the results! We are now working on a specialised head rest to help keep his head in alignment.. so work in progress for David!

I have been informed that this is the first time 3d Moulding has been utilised in Kenya. Excited that this should be the first of many many more! Special thank you to Moses Gitonga for affording us his skills while home on holidays.. and not forgetting David who had permitted me to write his story on this blog!!

By Jolene Allen, Jun 22 2016 07:00AM

We are so exicted about the development of our moulded chairs. Thanks to the technique of Andrew our Orthopaedic Tchnologist moulding heated foam onto a moulded cast, we have been able to create a super comfortable foam base, but one that holds the child in a much better position. We then attach this form onto a cardboard chair, with a layer of polystrene balls bean bag in between. This is for use with children who have more difficulty maintaining an upright position than others. Well done team!

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