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By Jolene Allen, Jul 30 2017 11:00PM

Last week we were training staff from United Disabled Persons of Laikipia County on cardboard equipment making and 3d vacuum moulding. These guys are brilliant wheelchair technicians and it's been very exciting to brainstorm ideas for putting personalised moulds into wheelchairs. Watch this space.. ! Thank you again to our Moneki for being our ever patient model. We are making him a moulded insert for his new wheelchair.

By Jolene Allen, Jul 20 2017 08:00AM

Lovely day out in the back of beyond.... (Nairutia), delivering Walkabout wheelchairs to clients. One mum actually carries her 12 year old son for one hour to get to the roadside to then get two buses to come for weekly therapy. Inspired is not the word. What kind of love is that. I ask myself.

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