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By Jolene Allen, Jan 23 2019 07:00AM

We are delighted to be helping out at Furaha Centre for Children with Disability in Meru, partnering with Walkabout Foudnation, bringing amazing moulded cushions to the kiddies with complex needs. Marek and Jadlynn do an amazing job here in Meru! Also thanks to my big sister Gail from N. Ireland for sending pressure wound dressings all the way for our buddie ian who has recovered so well he got his first wheelchair today!!!

By Jolene Allen, Dec 19 2016 03:00AM

We had a great day on the road today running a seating clinic at Furaha Centre for Exceptional Children in Meru. Lovely and exceptional children.. Great job to Marek and Jadlyne who run the centre providing therapy and day care to special children... and lovely elephants on the way to top it off. Thanks to all our supporters.. you are the reason this is possible

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