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By Jolene Allen, Aug 29 2017 11:00PM

We had a great week with Northern Irish volunteers Kerry and Denise. They have become regulars with us here and are always a blessing to both the Sanctuary and church here.

Here they are on home visits in gorgeous Kenya #teaFields #SpecialDelivery #CardboardChairs

By Jolene Allen, Jul 20 2017 08:00AM

Lovely day out in the back of beyond.... (Nairutia), delivering Walkabout wheelchairs to clients. One mum actually carries her 12 year old son for one hour to get to the roadside to then get two buses to come for weekly therapy. Inspired is not the word. What kind of love is that. I ask myself.

By Jolene Allen, Aug 3 2016 08:00AM

Home Visits are a central part of what we do at the Sanctuary. We take time one day a week on outreach, to see meet with our service users and their families / caregivers in their own homes. Visits can be for very practical reasons such as delivering a piece of equipment from our workshop, providing medicine, or perhaps to advise the caregiver on handling and positioning and therapy in the home environment. However it is always key for us to have sweet fellowship with the children where they come from, and to encourage them in the Lord and to reassure the caregivers that they are not alone and have support. It is beautiful that many of our mothers and other caregivers, who are able, often offer back gifts and produce from their farm land in order to show appreciation for the kindnesses recieved from the Sanctuary.

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