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By Jolene Allen, Sep 2 2016 07:00AM

We are happy with our new rocking style design chair which enables the children to be put in varying degrees of recline and wedged in position at the back. This means the child can be more upright for activity such as feeding and writing, and more reclined when resting. Looks like it is going to be the first of many!

By Jolene Allen, Apr 18 2016 06:40PM

We are super excited in the Sanctuary Artist Workshop to be researching and developing methods to form moulded seating for our children wh have unique postural needs. We are currently working taking body casts out of polystyrene balls in vacuum bags which are vacuumed when the child is held in an optimum position, then creating moulded chairs out of the form. We are researching the use of both cardboard and foam. Watch this space for further developments.

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