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By Jolene Allen, Feb 11 2018 08:00AM

Our team have had a brilliant first day with Gareth from AAT GB who has very kindly flown out and volunteered with us for this week. He is an experienced complex seating technician and together, we hope to develop our methods for achieving moulded seating with local & economical solutions. So much to get through this week but we are hopeful!

By Jolene Allen, Nov 3 2017 01:00AM

We are just thrilled and delighted to have been supported by UK Disability company AATGB. Tranj and Mala Singh, Gareth and Christine have kindly assisted us by providing a Grande vacuum form Matress free of charge to support our ongoing research and development on the use of vacuum form moulding processess. This is to help us create custom made orthopedic seating out of recycled cardbaord. We don't have the words to say thank you.. and having just recieved the matress we are already thrilled with the ease of use in getting the clients into alignment and keeping them there in a comfortable position. We are developing mehods of creating the chairs from the shape gained by the matress.. watch this space!

Special appreciation due to Gareth who has been tirelessley guiding us with his ideas and techniques from his experience in this field.

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