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By Jolene Allen, Jul 7 2017 08:00AM

So two of our children, teenagers actually, were too big to be fitted with chairs in Nanyuki. The only two who went back empty handed.

Guess what Nyeri Rotary Club delivered today while we were out!!

Nb. Any OTS watching, Chris in photo for showcasing purposes only

By Jolene Allen, May 18 2017 08:00AM

Thank you to INSPIRE for coming to read so dramatically and with such fun for our day care children, such wonderful stories! Emily the children are glad you have agreed to come back even as soon as tomorrow :) and not only that, but every Wednesday morning. Karibu Tena.

By Jolene Allen, May 18 2017 08:00AM

Great day today fitting chairs for some beautiful angels at Malaika Day Care Centre, Nakuru @ AIC Church.

Couple of the fittings in particular really did work wonders, enabling them to sit upright and not fixed in an awkward position for the first time in a very long time. I love it when that happens, the joy on everyone's faces to see the change.. especially mums. Just priceless.

To everyone who helps make this ministry possible, (you all know who you are), on behalf of all the children you help, we can't thank you enough.

By Jolene Allen, May 14 2017 08:00AM

We have had a nice week... We welcomed Babu Dan & Kathy, American guests who did fun activities with our day care kids.. We had a great satellite clinic in a busy day care and wheelchair centre in Nanyuki UDPL, & our workshop ladies have started the sewing stage of this year's Christmas stock. To top it off, we've just welcomed Pastor David & Pastor Shaw from our church N. Ireland.

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