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By Jolene Allen, Jul 2 2018 02:00AM

This is our day care mama's preparing to feed some of the children who attend day care. Our team take care of children with disability each weekday, offering them a program of play, arts and crafts, music, singing, and lots more in a caring and stimulating environment.

By Jolene Allen, Jun 25 2018 02:00AM

So a small team of Jolene Jess and Jude conquered as far as Austrian Hut @ 4790m 15720ft, fundraising for the Sanctuary and their special adaptive equipment wprkshop, Sanctuaryartists.

Unfortunately, the final stage of the trek to Lenana was too dangerous beyond that point, due to thick ice encasing the ropes we would use to climb up on (caused by the recent heavy rain). Our team did an outstanding job every step of the way, were prepared to go the whole way.. but we were not permitted to by the guides!

We appreciate every person who has given a donation towards our goal you encouraged the team every step of the way. Many lives will be touched through the funds raised towards complex seating for children with disability in Kenya. THANK YOU! Point Lenana.. next time..

By Jolene Allen, May 31 2018 02:00AM

Thank you to Free Wheelchair Mission for a brilliant three days wheelchair training, we appreciate the wheelchairs that are life changing to our children! So many given freely and many more to come. You bring glory to Jesus as all is done in His name.

By Jolene Allen, May 22 2018 02:00AM

Three days of wheelchair distributions done. Back is broke but my heart is full.

Thank you Walkabout Fountation. Simply, I have literally no words. Every child this last two days receiving their first ever wheelchair. Every face a wee story and a caregiver who has only ever carried them around until today!

Delighted to be collaborating with them to assist with casting and fabrication of special wheelchair inserts for the complex cases who cannot sit in a standard wheelchair.



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