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By Jolene Allen, May 22 2018 02:00AM

Three days of wheelchair distributions done. Back is broke but my heart is full.

Thank you Walkabout Fountation. Simply, I have literally no words. Every child this last two days receiving their first ever wheelchair. Every face a wee story and a caregiver who has only ever carried them around until today!

Delighted to be collaborating with them to assist with casting and fabrication of special wheelchair inserts for the complex cases who cannot sit in a standard wheelchair.



All photos shown with permission

By Jolene Allen, May 2 2018 01:00AM

Delighted to be continuing trials on our special cushions which we can insert into our cardboard chairs or donated wheelchairs. Mugenyu's smile says it all! Thank you to all who support this work!

By Jolene Allen, Apr 15 2018 01:00AM

Hello Pulyeuthrane!

Nothing that beats learning on your feet... ! We have just got our first two barells of PU foam for trials in fabricating custom made seat and wheelchair cushions. We are trialing forming the cushions behind our premade casts of the children. These are made by vacum casting of our children when in their ideal position. Very excited!

By Jolene Allen, Mar 24 2018 08:00AM

Check out our new chairs and standers, now being designed with removable growth panels to allow for at least four years growth. This is especially useful for kids we meet who are not able to access our equipment service easily, a very common issue! Well done to our wonderful team! Thanks to Gareth Brown for lots of other little pointers for our new and upcoming strapping systems and harnessing.

By Jolene Allen, Mar 23 2018 08:00AM

Our lovely APT designs on display at occupational therapy services table at the inauguration of communication authority office in Nyeri County

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