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By Jolene Allen, Jun 4 2019 09:00AM

Always a pleasure to have American Friends of Kenya visiting with us, thanks for your visit today and for being such a blessing with your supplies of equipment and materials for our children. AFK have donated many adaptive equipment items and supplies for our day care facility, they certainly are friends of the Sanctaury.

By Jolene Allen, Jun 3 2019 08:00AM

We are so delighted that Paul has officially joined our rehab team this week as our new physiotherapist! Paul has volunteered with us where possible, as he studied in university and is already loved by our staff and clients. Welcome back Paul!

By Jolene Allen, May 21 2019 08:00AM

We have made over two thousand pieces of adaptive cardboard equipment... That is thanks to you, all of our supporters and also to the amazing parents who make efforts every day for their special kiddos! #cardboard #assistivepapertechnology #apt

By Jolene Allen, Apr 19 2019 09:00AM

A generous friend recently supported the Sanctuary and Church getting a fresh coat of paint, isn't it looking beautiful. We are so grateful to you, you know who you are! God bless you!

By Jolene Allen, Apr 9 2019 08:00AM

Here is what the inside of one of our paper mache formed seats looks like! We make the seat bases out of recycled newspaper and cover it with locally sourced foam and fabric.

By Jolene Allen, Apr 1 2019 09:00AM

It was a pleasure for the Sanctuary to be represented over the last couple of days with the Bethany Kids rehab group at Salvation Army Joytown Seating Symposium ♥ therapists from various parts of Kenya all together to tackle complex seating solutions. All Glory to the Lord.

By Jolene Allen, Mar 25 2019 09:00AM

The best huggers in the land!!! Thanks so much to the McTernaghan's who have been such a blessing to us all here at the church and Sanctaury in Nyeri. We wish them safe travels home.

By Jolene Allen, Mar 15 2019 09:00AM

We've been very blessed to have Pastor David and Pastor Frankie with us this week.. A huge thank you to both them and to their families for the long journey they took to spend time with us as a family & to see the work that the Lord is doing here. This is all achieved through their support and the faithful giving of Whitewell Church Belfast. Thank you all so much, the Lord has been ever so faithful and we are grateful.

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