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By Jolene Allen, Mar 24 2018 08:00AM

Check out our new chairs and standers, now being designed with removable growth panels to allow for at least four years growth. This is especially useful for kids we meet who are not able to access our equipment service easily, a very common issue! Well done to our wonderful team! Thanks to Gareth Brown for lots of other little pointers for our new and upcoming strapping systems and harnessing.

By Jolene Allen, Mar 23 2018 08:00AM

Our lovely APT designs on display at occupational therapy services table at the inauguration of communication authority office in Nyeri County

By Jolene Allen, Mar 8 2018 08:00AM


Here's an appreciation to all the women who give and recieve from our work.. The mother's, the grandmother's, the workers, the carers and the clients. Keep up the good fight of faith


By Jolene Allen, Mar 7 2018 07:00AM

Lovely to have Madam Nancy, Head OT for the County come along with a group of final year OT students to spend time looking at our positioning equipment and so have a small teaching session with them. We wish them all the best in their finals!

By Jolene Allen, Mar 2 2018 07:00AM

We've really enjoyed hosting our first week long course in assessment design and fabrication of APT Cardboard Equipment for Persons with Disability. We are training OTs Physios and some parents of children with disability from 'SEP Special Education Profrssipnals' Nairobi , AMREF Africa and the Action Foundation Kenya, Nairobi. Great progress being made! It's great to network!

By Jolene Allen, Feb 17 2018 08:57AM

This is a week where our equipment prescribing & design team have been challenged, encouraged and guided more than ever. Gareth, an experienced equipment technician from England, just saw a video of ours and wanted to help. He didnt know me at all. He took unpaid leave and made his way here to us to help us in that area.

As he left today I couldn't even find the words into appreciate his input. With his guidance, I see a huge potential for us to continue to push the boundaries of our cardboard equipment further to create even more comfortable, supportive & functional positioning equipment for very special children and adults. So many ideas have been discussed and so much development made in a few days.

Every now and again, someone somewhere goes and does above and beyond what anyone else would do. It can only be God. Am grateful.

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

– Winston Churchill

By Jolene Allen, Feb 11 2018 08:00AM

Our team have had a brilliant first day with Gareth from AAT GB who has very kindly flown out and volunteered with us for this week. He is an experienced complex seating technician and together, we hope to develop our methods for achieving moulded seating with local & economical solutions. So much to get through this week but we are hopeful!

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