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By Jolene Allen, Nov 25 2017 01:00AM

We were so delighted to connect with Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya this year.. we had a wonderful time yesterday distributing 49 items to their group of clients. Thank you to Rotaractors Club of Musaganos Nairobi for conecting us and sponsoring ten of the chairs. Well done to Mr George and his great team of staff at CPSK. Massivr appreciation to our team at the workshop.. they did an outstanding job!

See the finishing work here

By Jolene Allen, Nov 19 2017 01:00AM

We are delighted to be working with Cottolengo Home for persons with Disability, Meru, and UDPL Nanyuki to develop moulded chair insets for wheelchairs, for some of their clients who have complex postural needs. What a well run facility, we are pleased with their work.

By Jolene Allen, Nov 16 2017 02:00AM

Thank you so much to a wonderful team of 14 climbers who hiked Mt Kenya to raise funds for the work of the Sanctuary and children with disability. Representation was from many local friends including MTC Nyeri, Metropolitan Sanctuary Staff, Nyeri County Health Dept, Othaya Boys Rehabilitation Centre, lNSPIRE Kenya, Rotary Club Nyeri, and Project Kenya USA. Everyone pushed beyond their limitations. Congratulations all.. determination and grit. Thanks to Kenya Wildlife Service and Mt Kenya River Lodge for their support.

In every community there is work to be done, in every nation there are wounds to heal. In every heart there is the power to do it.

By Jolene Allen, Nov 12 2017 01:00AM

We want to say THANK YOU so much to American Friends of Kenya, for the donation of goods from their container from USA this week! We have been overwhelmed by the items that you sent, walking and mobility aids, a special needs swing for the children, thermoplastics, medical, orthopedic and orthotic devices, books, learning toys and tools, items for cardboard seating.. so SO much stuff.

On behalf of every child we are grateful and appreciate your sacrifice. The Lord richly bless you all! Thank you also to Kawa Penseli for the box full of pencils, books and colouring materials <3 <3 And for Emily @ INSPIRE Nyeri who have connected us and works tirelessley, we have really appreciated all your efforts.

We have been blessed.

By Jolene Allen, Nov 7 2017 02:00AM

We had a lovely day out today with our staff and resident VIPs for a day of team building and fun at Solio Lodge, Laikepia! We are so grateful to Ava and her team for taking such good care of us and for a wonderful day. The children were very excited and leaned their plates several times!! We appreciate the support and partnership that Solio have with the Sanctuary.

By Jolene Allen, Nov 5 2017 01:00AM

We had a wonderful week hosting a team from Belfast made up from people from a number of churches including Whitewell church, our oversseing body together with Befrienders for Disability Charity. We were overwhelmed by their kindness in carrying items for use in the workshop and day care.. clinic and prison and church minsitries. All got stuck into the work in sanctuaryartists as you can see!! Welcome back team! Here is Deiredre Patterson presenting items for the chair making, straps, buckles, dowells and hot glue sticks.. enough to last a year! Deirdre was able to fund these due to her Morotbike Charity event erlier this year! Well one.

By Jolene Allen, Nov 3 2017 01:00AM

We are just thrilled and delighted to have been supported by UK Disability company AATGB. Tranj and Mala Singh, Gareth and Christine have kindly assisted us by providing a Grande vacuum form Matress free of charge to support our ongoing research and development on the use of vacuum form moulding processess. This is to help us create custom made orthopedic seating out of recycled cardbaord. We don't have the words to say thank you.. and having just recieved the matress we are already thrilled with the ease of use in getting the clients into alignment and keeping them there in a comfortable position. We are developing mehods of creating the chairs from the shape gained by the matress.. watch this space!

Special appreciation due to Gareth who has been tirelessley guiding us with his ideas and techniques from his experience in this field.

By Jolene Allen, Sep 30 2017 01:00AM

Do you like these new designs? We have a 2 in 1 stander and seat in one.. and a lovely new Wobbler seat that provides sensory feedback to childrem with sensoery processing disorders such as ADHD and Autism.

By Jolene Allen, Sep 1 2017 11:40AM

We really want to appreciate 'Operation Smile, Kenya' for their generous donation to the Orthotics and Cardboard Equipment dept of the Sanctuary!! Their donation is funding life changing orthotics and prosthetics and will continue to do so for quite some time! Also their support for the sanctuary artists has enabled us to buy new tools and explore new ways of fabricating our cardboard items.

We cannot thank them enough, so here are a few pictures that should do better than the thousand words we could write to appreciate what they have done...

Their work for children with cleft lift & cleft palate are so inspiring.

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